About Josie Eastwood Fine Art

Josie Eastwood Fine Art has a different formula to most galleries.

We hold four annual exhibitions which are hung around our home and in the gallery, with the intention of showing work of a wide range of artists and subject matter, within a relaxed environment.

The two main shows are in October and May, with a Little Picture Show in December. During the Spring Exhibition in May, sculptures and objects are also displayed around the garden.

Separately from the advertised shows we work with both private clients and interior designers – in the case of the former helping to build a collection of paintings; for the latter finding paintings to complement their own work.

About Josie Eastwood

Josie Eastwood has been active in the art market for over 25 years.

Having graduated in Fine Art from Exeter University she went on to various high profile jobs in the art world including working within the British Paintings department at Sotheby’s and at Julian Hartnoll, the highly respected Pre-Raphelite dealer.

In addition she managed the Cadogan Gallery in Chelsea in the early 1990s when it was jointly owned by Philip Mould and Christopher Burness and worked at Project Art, an art consultancy. Josie Eastwood Fine Art was established in 1996.

Services to Clients

Picture Search - For both private and professional clients

We work with clients looking to build their contemporary art collection and also with professionals such as Interior Designers.

Picture Hanging Services

We are happy to come to your home and advise on the hanging of your paintings and will provide all hanging materials.

Please contact the gallery to discuss fee structure for above services.

Muddy Stilettos Award: We Won!

Thank you so much for your support by voting for our gallery in the 2018 Muddy Stilettos competition. Thanks to you, for the second year running we have won the Best Art Gallery Award for our area!